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Here at Renders Poodles, it is our passion to raise confident Standard Poodles that will fit into your home and fill your hearts with love. 

If you are interested in one of our sweet Puppies Please use the Botton below and fill out one of our application forms.


Get to Know Us

My Husband and I breed Standard Poodles in our Home in Palmetto, GA; outside of Atlanta.

Since I was a little girl I have always loved dogs and when we got my first Standard poodle in my 30's I knew that this was the dog that every family should have. 

We raise these puppies with the puppies best interest at heart. We start doing ENSI training with puppies early on so ensure that they develop a bit faster neurologically, help them problem solve quicker than dogs their age that have not received this training. We also litterbox train our puppies which is turn helps you house break them when your bring them in your home.

Our Stud and Dam
Huckleberry and Luna
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